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Wenonah Wilderness 15'4"

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Named in remembrance of Dick Proenneke, a legendary wilderness man who spent 30 years of his retired life living alone in the wilds of Twin Lakes, Alaska, the Wilderness is a solo canoe that can take you far away from it all. Brilliantly designed for extended solo trips it portages well, paddles efficiently, carries plenty of gear and gives a dry ride in rough waters. Its well rounded stability and moderate rocker make it a great down-river boat while inspiring confidence whether on a loaded tour or evening paddle.

Overall Length: 15' 4"(467.36cm)
Gunwale Width: 27"(68.58cm)
Maximum Width: 30.5"(77.47cm)
Waterline Width: 29.75"(75.565cm)
Stern Depth: 17"(43.18cm)
Center Depth: 14"(35.56cm)
Bow Depth: 19"(48.26cm)
Rocker: 1.25"(3.175cm)

Options - We offer 12 colors of gel-coat finish for the exterior of Flex-core hulls. The interior of the hull shows the fabric's natural color.

Ultra-light Color Options - Ultra-light hulls have a "skincoat", showing the fabric's color on the interior and exterior. A colored finish is a no-cost option, but adds 5-8 lbs.