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About us

Then one day this guy met a very special girl.......


  So you want know about us? I was born & raised in the northwoods &

   I have a hard time going south of the Minocqua bridge.

  My compass points north & always has.

  The earliest memories of loving the outdoors was me camping with my dads

  church youth group. My father was a Methodist Minister & was always looking

   to take the kids out into the wilderness. The church was young & alive with cool

  70's dads like Vic (who snored like a freight train & kept the bears away), Ron

  (who was not so good a paddler that I remembered) & Bill (who introduced me

  to "clean" off color jokes). We would explore the Manitowish River, 

  Flambeau River, Brule & beyond.

  Lake Superior was and will always be my place.

  I am drawn to it like nothing else in nature. As a child we sailed on her waters 

  on a vessel owned by a local Bayfield doctor whose son had befriended my dad.

Little would I know how much time I'd spend on her waters. So I got older & fast forward, met this girl named Sue. She had just returned

form traveling the world for two years. We paddled, cooked, laughed. We fell in love, bought a home, found a dog & got married (I married up).

Our two girls are the next big adventure in our life. Amazing even to think of them. Fortunately they like to camp, paddle, bike & swim.

Travel is fun to them, so.... off we go! - Andrew