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Grey Duck 16' Rheaume Legacy Cedar Canoe

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This intermediate and narrower model rides well on the water. It is a majestic canoe with raised noses often reminiscent of Native American canoes. Its unique style catches the eye and turns heads. With a wingspan of 16′, it impresses with its harmonious and elegant shape taken from a replica of an old model from the Old Town canoe company. Like most of our models, this canoe is constructed from red cedar. The interior skeleton is white cedar, the gunwales are ash and the parts are made of mahogany. Our seats are woven with rawhide in the traditional way. The hull is covered with a fiberglass fabric and an epoxy coating, all coated with marine varnish with protection against ultraviolet rays.

Length: 16’4″ Weight: 70 lbs*
Beam: 33″ Capacity: 850 lbs
13″ Material: Cedar